Two million ‘a small price to pay’ for Chris Evans’ wit and spontaneity, nation agrees

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Top earning disc jockey, Chris Evans, is probably underpaid according to virtually anyone in Britain with a radio.

As the BBC revealed details of its most highly-paid stars, people from all walks of life agreed there was more to being a DJ than just playing some records and talking in between them.

And as if to ram the point home, Evans kicked off his morning breakfast show with a track from Coldplay, while effortlessly warning motorists of a tailback on the M53 – the bit where it goes down to two lanes.

The carrot-topped legend has delighted a nation still coming to terms with the death of Terry Wogan, prompting calls for a new Bafta-category entitled ‘well-crafted, yet seemingly spontaneous banter’.

Radio fan and Evans devotee, Simon Williams, said, “Two million is fuck-all when you consider Claudia Winkleman blows a cool twenty grand a week on eyeliner.

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“I’ve followed his career from the humble beginnings of Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush, through the glory years of TFI Friday and the misguided dalliance with Billie Piper.

“He has that God-given knack of making the words that tumble out of his mouth sound like he’s just made them up – that’s something you really can’t teach.”

He added, “If you offered a lesser broadcaster two million, they’d probably storm out in a huff and go on some extended alcohol binge with Danny Baker and that mate of Gazza’s, Jimmy Five Stomachs.

“I’d much rather they spent the money on him than make more wank like Poldark.”

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