BBC to launch 24-hour rolling Jeremy Corbyn channel

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The BBC is to respond to criticism that it does not cover the Labour leader enough by launching a 24-hour rolling Corbyn channel.

The channel, which will be in black and white, is intended to give supporters the coverage they feel he deserves – including a quiz show where contestants compete to come up with new Labour policies called ‘Pointless’.

“We used to report on what Jeremy did whenever he actually did something, which was about once every six to eight weeks on average,” said producer Simon Williams.

“But this wasn’t even close to enough for some people, so we’re dedicating an entire channel to 24/7 Jeremy. Every day we’ll have documentaries about his leadership, economic policies and interviews with labour members who disagree with him.

“Or ‘One foot in the grave’, ‘Money for nothing’  and ‘Room 101’ as they’ll be called.”

BBC sources went on to say they hoped their salaries wouldn’t be calculated by Diane Abbott.

“And in the evening we’ll have a one-hour special about Jeremy and his political beliefs,” Simon confirmed.

“It’ll be called ‘Antiques Roadshow’.”