A patriotic media is the foundation of a fair and democratic society, confirms Kim Jong-un

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The North Korean leader has confirmed that having a patriotic news organisation is crucial to gaining the trust of the populace.

Kim Jong-un made the proclamation following the surprising request from the leader of the House of Commons, Andrea Leadsom, for the BBC to be a little less ‘journalisty’ and bit more patriotic when covering news.

“There is never a good time to be questioning or investigating the party that is in power, nor to reveal any negative aspects of the government,” he announced via state-operated news organisation DPRK News.

He added, “It seems like Britain are on the receiving end of quite a lot of critical questioning at a time when they need the population to just be hoping that they can get themselves through the Brexit process with sheer willpower and blind trust alone.”

Andrea Leadsom responded with gratitude to the message of support, saying “Kim has hit the nail on the head – the BBC needs to be more patriotic.

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“For example, they could stress the importance of displaying a Union Jack or England flag in your window, and expound the simple British joys of running through a field of wheat, or humming ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ whenever you take a shit.

“These things are far more important than critical thinking.”

Kim Jong-un further encouraged Mrs Leadsom, explaining “In my amazing country, having a patriotic press has resulted in absolute faith from the people in me, their leader.

“They know the importance of reporting everything with national pride and not getting caught up in criticisms of my rule.

“That and they like still having their hands attached to their arms.”