Queen snubs forces heroes to go horse racing

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The Queen has shamefully shunned an official event to honour our brave forces heroes in favour of watching horse racing at Ascot.

The unpatriotic monarch laughed and joked with fawning race-goers while thousands of decent Britons lined the streets of Liverpool for Armed Forces Day celebrations.

The hundreds of veterans who took part in the parade will doubtless be disgusted that the Queen chose to be over 165 miles away in a purple suit, matching hat and a fascinator adorned with silk flowers.

To rub salt into the wounds of our courageous boys and girls, the Royal Family were represented at the celebrations by marine dropout the Earl of Wessex.

“She can’t even be bothered to sing the national anthem,” said one furious veteran.

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“She’s a traitor who would probably get rid of herself if she could.

“To be perfectly frank, she may as well have urinated on a war memorial.”