Morons left furious as families in desperate need of social housing get new social housing

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Frothing simpletons are furious this afternoon after learning that people whose houses burned down are to get new houses.

The government confirmed today that families left homeless after the Grenfell Tower fire will be given flats in the new Kensington Row development a few miles away.

However, after learning that these flats are ‘new’ and that some of the non-social housing apartments in the same development could be sold for millions of pounds, thousands of idiots who read predictably outraged newspapers have assumed the Grenfell survivors will now be living a life of luxury at their expense.

“Bloody hell, I’d love a new flat in a luxury development!” said one excitable Daily Mail reader.

“These lucky sods get it all handed to them on a plate while I’m going out at all hours to work to scrape a meagre living where the only luxury item I own is the lager in my fridge.

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“Everyone seems to have forgotten that these are COUNCIL tenants – they shouldn’t be entitled to nice new things. Don’t we have any Victorian tenements left around here somewhere?

“How dare my taxes be used to give scroungers a millionaire lifestyle, just because everything they own was destroyed in a fire, along with many of the people they knew.

“If I could get a luxury new apartment I’d happily set fire to everything I own and burn down my house.

“Yes I would, shut up.”