Queen criticised for lack of impartiality by wearing ‘Brexit means Clusterf*ck’ t-shirt during speech

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The Queen has been widely criticised after delivering her speech outlining the government’s plans for this parliament wearing a t-shirt explaining that she thinks Brexit is a complete clusterfuck.

Though she is officially impartial, palace insiders claim the Queen is finding it increasingly difficult to stay quiet about the ever worsening shit-show that is Brexit.

As one source explained, “She stayed quiet when they wrote stuff on the bus, she stayed quiet when the pound tanked and businesses started hitting the pause button; she even stayed quiet when it was announced nurse recruitment from the EU had gone through the floor.

“But listening to this lot go on about how it’s all ‘going to plan’ was just too much.  So no, she couldn’t actually change the words of the speech – that would be unconstitutional, but there’s nothing written down that says she can’t wear what she wants while delivering it.

Fashion consultant Simon Williams hailed the Queen’s ‘brave choice’, telling us, “The Queen has the best interests of her people at heart – so is it any surprise she thinks Brexit is an absolute fucking disaster waiting to happen?”

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