Theresa May appoints Megatron to cabinet post

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In a surprising move, alleged Prime Minister Theresa May has appointed leading Transformer Megatron to a ministerial position.

The Decepticon leader, famous for his controversial views on the eradication of the Autobots and the enslavement of humanity, will become a junior minister for the environment.

“He’s a corrupt and maligned lunatic hell-bent on the destruction of our planet,” said the Prime Minister as she announced the appointment.

“But, regardless of his strengths, Michael Gove will need some help at the environment department, and as such I’ve decided to invite my great friend Megatron into Government.”

It is understood that Mrs May met the Decepticon as she was running through a wheat field and he was doing battle with an Autobot that turned into a combine harvester. They bonded over their dislike of human beings and love of Chris de Burgh.

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“It is a tremendous honour to be appointed to the cabinet,” said Megatron.

“I hope this appointment will further cement the relationship between the Decepticons and the Tory party.

“Death to the Autobots and the hated Optimus Prime, the Earth’s energy will be mine.”

It is thought that Megatron will work on his brief from his secret Decepticon lair, currently thought to be based under a volcano in the Pacific Ocean.

Given her current standing with both party and public, it is thought that Theresa May could well join him.

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