Kim Jong-un cringes his way through video of Donald Trump’s lickspittle cabinet praising their leader

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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has found himself squirming at the obsequious nature of the video showing Donald Trump’s cabinet meeting.

As the president went around the table encouraging his cabinet members to say nice things about him, Jong-un said it was “quite difficult to watch”.

“And I say that as someone who loves a bit of smoke blown up my ass,” he continued.

“Obviously I have everyone here praising me at every possible opportunity, but when my people do it, it’s because they are in fear for their lives – what does Donald Trump have on them?

“For me, it’s about massaging my fragile ego as deep down I know I’m doing a terrible job as the nation’s leader, and I realise I’m pushing my country ever further towards disaster – so the constant reassurances about how great I am from the people who work for me means I can at least sleep at night.

“No, I’ve no idea why Donald does it.”