‘Lessons have been learnt’ promise Tories, as Hank Marvin booked for youth rally

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Conservative leaders yesterday vowed to match Jeremy Corbyn’s appeal to the youth vote, unveiling plans for an open-air concert to be headlined by ex-Shadows guitarist Hank Marvin.

Top Tories will intersperse the music with speeches, aiming to recreate the rousing atmosphere of Corbyn’s pre-election rallies.

Other names being linked with the event include singer Elaine Paige, 60’s teen heartthrobs Herman’s Hermits and David Copperfield, star of eighties comedy show ‘Three of a Kind’.

“This type of event will allow us to get the Conservative message direct to young people, whilst being tremendous fun for them to boogie on down to,” said co-organiser Iain Duncan Smith.

“As Conservatives, we cannot ignore youth, and we need to show them that we – er – speaka da language.”

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Mr Duncan Smith and his colleagues aim to generate an informal, festival atmosphere. Cabinet members, to be billed as ‘Da Strong Stable Crew’ will be instructed to attend wearing blue-jeans.

“As well as the confirmed acts, we are hoping to get a couple of the modern rap artists,” said Mr Duncan Smith, making quotation marks with his fingers as he pronounced the word ‘rap’.

“But above all, we are pleased that Hank Marvin has agreed to headline,” he said. “The man is a legend to fans of popular music.

“And I know that he is especially popular amongst students and those on low-incomes that benefit from our tough-but-fair Conservative policies.

“Indeed, I’m often approached by such people actually claiming to be him.”

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