Manchester police ‘furious’ with US for leaking identity of Ken Barlow’s attacker

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Greater Manchester police are said to be furious with their counterparts in US law enforcement for leaking the identity of Ken Barlow’s attacker in Coronation Street.

Chief Superintendent Simon Williams said, “After a hard day’s policing, our lads and lasses just wanted to sit down with a cup of tea and a Hobnob and catch up on the latest twists and turns in Corrie.

“This storyline has been developing for weeks – had Ken had a stroke? Who might have pushed him down the stairs? Is Tracy up to no good again?

“Then those yank twats have plastered the attacker’s identity right on the front cover of the New York Times.

“Er, spoiler alert, guys.”

Williams added, “We have a close history with our American colleagues of keeping such information under wraps, from who shot JR to the latest Game of Thrones spoilers, but that special relationship is now over.”