Yes, I am a good boy, agrees dog

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After careful consideration, a dog has agreed with his owner’s assertion that he’s a good boy.

The dog, known locally as Simon Williams, confirmed that he was a good boy by barking excitedly and running around a little bit.

“Well, obviously, I’m glad that Simon Williams the dog agrees with me that he’s a very good boy,” said owner Eleanor Gay.

“For a long time, I honestly thought he didn’t understand me when I’d ask, ‘Who’s a good boy, who’s a good boy,’ you know, after he’d fetched the stick, or done his business in the neighbour’s front garden.”

“He’d just look back at me like I wasn’t speaking English or something.”

That all changed after their daily walk yesterday morning when Simon Williams signalled in no uncertain terms that he was a good boy.

“I’m glad he understands, because he’s ever such a good boy, aren’t you, boy?”

Simon Williams the dog was happy to confirm that he had agreed he was a good boy.

“Frankly the constant questioning was becoming a little tedious, so I thought it prudent to answer in the affirmative,” he said, folding the paper and putting down his pipe.

“I hope now that we can have a more stimulating conversation, perhaps on the novels of Proust or the merits of Brecht’s later work.”