Katie Hopkins threat level raised from ‘public irritant’ to ‘toxic shit fountain’

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The threat level posed by Katie Hopkins to the collective consciousness of the human race has been raised to its highest level.

The decision was made after Hopkins posted a tweet calling for a ‘final solution’ in the wake of the recent terrorist attack in Manchester, prompting authorities to question what kind of a person would use such a terrible event to promote their own self-aggrandising hate-filled worldview and to draw attention to themselves just for the sake of it.

Simon Williams, head of the UK’s Threat Level Assessment Centre told reporters, “Many of you will remember that when Katie Hopkins was a contestant on The Apprentice back in 2006 she posed a relatively low threat to our society, as she would just throw a few insults about and be a generally nasty cow, but as time has passed the threat level she poses to our society and our collective intelligence has steadily increased.

“A significant red flag was when she joined Twitter, thereby giving her a public platform for her own unique brand of tasteless bile-spewing twattery. Since then she has gone from bad to worse, as if she is solely driven by attention, whether good or bad.”

He concluded, “It is now clear that she poses a critical threat to the intelligence, reputation, societal values and general good taste of Great Britain and everyone should be vigilant and respond appropriately to any further bigoted outbursts by reporting her to the police”.

Katie Hopkins has yet to publicly respond to the decision, but it is anticipated that the soulless bint will probably welcome the extra attention.