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Theresa May Weeble wobble toy becomes instant best seller

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The newly-released Theresa May Weeble wobble toy, which comically flounders around in all directions after receiving a little push, is setting sales records at shops across the country.

Customers can’t get enough of the unsteady little figures, embossed with the face of the Prime Minister, with the toys proving particularly popular with hipsters who revel in its strong political irony and 70s retro chic.

The Theresa May Weebles are manufactured under licence at a factory in Birmingham run by entrepreneur Simon Williams.

Briefly taking time out from counting £10 notes, Mr Williams said: “Demand has been absolutely phenomenal, these toys are flying off the shelves. I’ve had to introduce two more shifts to keep up with the retail orders that are flooding in.”

Mr Williams added that he planned to diversify and relaunch another favourite toy from the 1970s, the Jeremy Corbyn Action Man.

He said: “This particular version is a U-boat commander and you can also buy a model of the special submarine he’s in charge of.

“But of course the Jeremy Corbyn Action Man has adopted a policy of unilateral nuclear disarmament, so we’ll probably have to rename him Inaction Man.

“We are also introducing a range of adorable fluffy little gonks that squeak ‘I’m Tim!’, ‘Hug me!’ and ‘As a political leader my job is not to pontificate on theological matters!'”

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