Murderous cyber-attack on the NHS linked to the Tory Party

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Theresa May’s government is thought to be behind the latest attempt to cyber-fuck the NHS.

Having partly succeeded with chronic underfunding, the Conservatives are suspected of opening up a new front in the war against the NHS using all the technology at their disposal.

NHS Staff logging on to their computers this morning received a message saying “drop your ridiculous pay demands or sensitive patient files will be deleted immediately.”

“Do you wish to continue with the same derogatory pay settlement? Click Yes or No.”

And beleaguered junior doctors were bombarded with obscene messages asking them to work weekends and bank holidays.

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As a result of the attack, ambulances were diverted to private hospitals where staff were waiting with chip and pin machines.

Meanwhile, patients attempting to access NHS online services were prompted to take out private health insurance or have details of their extra-marital affairs forwarded to their Facebook friends.

Data encryption expert, Simon Williams, said, “Like a bloodied corpse on an NHS trolley, this attack has got Jeremy Hunt’s fingerprints all over it.”

He added, “The ransomware involved is both strong and stable and, much like the Tories, once it’s in you never get rid of it.”