‘You don’t know what’s under a burka’ insists EDL member wandering around in a balaclava

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An EDL member has stated that the burka is dangerous because you can’t see who is under it, despite attending every EDL rally in a balaclava.

John Bullington, known to his friends as Big John, posted a rant on Facebook yesterday about how burkas are a clearly a cover for evilness.

He wrote, “You just don’t know what’s under a burka. It could be a bomb, a jihadi army, a tank, you just don’t know.

“You have to take a balaclava off if you want to go into a bank, but not a bloody burka. I’ve not been able to rob any banks in ages.

“Once again it’s one rule for the immigrants and another rule for nice white people like me. I don’t see what’s so difficult to understand about this.  Anything covering your face is an affront to the British way of life – except when I do it.”

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Despite a comment underneath his post pointing out that the burka isn’t seen as an aggressive piece of clothing and is also part of a religion, Bullington replied, “That’s complete crap and you know it!

“A balaclava can be part of a religion if you want it to be. And as for it being aggressive, when has anyone wearing a balaclava ever done anything bad? And don’t link to anything in the mainstream media, they’re all fake news these days.

“If they want to stay here, Muslim women need to stop wearing inappropriate stuff like headscarves and dress like proper westerners.

“Like nuns or something.”

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