Donald Trump willing to use nuclear weapons on people who keep asking for his tax returns

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Donald Trump has reaffirmed his resolve to use the nuclear arsenal at his disposal against anyone repeatedly asking for access to his tax returns.

With tensions escalating across the United States, outside observers say that Trump’s position on his tax returns is reaching breaking point.

Trump supporters Chuck Williams told us, “The provocation is relentless, it’s almost like they think the Donald won’t nuke them. Well he will, and it will guarantee him a second term, you just watch.

“Making your fortune by opportunistically manipulating your tax returns is the American way, and I would fully support a pre-emptive strike on anyone who says differently.”

The White House itself has refused to give away its game plan in dealing with people who keep asking the President to release his tax returns.

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Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters, “All options are currently on the table, beyond that, we won’t be showing our hand.

“Needless to say, if you’re currently one of those incessantly asking the President to release his tax returns I would think about stocking up on Potassium iodide tablets.”