John Terry to leave Chelsea in bid to become the new Doctor Who

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Stalwart defender John Terry has announced his intention to quit Chelsea at the end of the season.

This seems to coincide with the regeneration of Doctor Who and filming on the new series. Consequently, it has led many to speculate that the new Doctor Who might, in fact, be John Terry.

“Don’t forget that Matt Smith was considered a really quite risky choice,” said Doctor Who enthusiast Simon Williams.

“Doctor Who thrives on the unexpected, and picking an unpopular ex-Chelsea defender would certainly count as unexpected.”

The move would be seen as a retrograde choice amongst those who believe that the new Doctor Who should either be female or a person of colour.

“Yes, that is something that needs addressing at some point,” agreed Mr Williams.

“But there is also the issue that we’ve never had a solid, reliable ball-winning defender in the role which is something many fans would really like to see.”

The fact that Mr Terry has been sanctioned for racist language would also see the new Doctor Who reflecting 2017’s post-Brexit Britain.

However, the main advantage of John Terry taking on the role was clear to Mr Williams.

“At least it won’t end up being that berk from the BT adverts, so that’s got to be good news.”