Should older voters be made to take a test before retaining control of the country?

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Following a series of disastrous elections, the outcomes for which elderly voters have been largely responsible, many people are asking if older people should be made to take a test to prove they are still competent of exercising control of the country.

Brexit and the majority Tory government were both results of recent elections in which a high proportion of voters have been 55 and over.

“Personally, my life has been ruined by these older voters,” said graduate Simon Williams.

“I’m not saying they’re all incompetent or they should all be completely disenfranchised, but the fact is that if it hadn’t been for older voters, we’d still be in the EU, we probably wouldn’t have a majority Tory Government, and my future prospects wouldn’t be somewhere between the U-bend and the sewer.”

“We’ve already lost my generation. Perhaps that if there were a test for voter competency when you reach a certain age then we won’t lose any future generations.”

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However, 68-year-old Eleanor Gay disagrees.

“Rot. Just because I’m 68, doesn’t mean I should have to take a test before casting my vote based on prejudice and nostalgia for a poorly remembered Britain that almost certainly never really existed.”

As it stands, it seems unlikely that any such test will be introduced, but should a genuinely progressive candidate ever find favour with the older demographic then an age-based competency test could become a very real possibility.