Kent landlord who banned ‘coloured’ people from renting his properties tipped for bright future in UKIP

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The property tycoon who instructed his letting agent not to rent out his properties to ‘coloured’ tenants can look forward to leading UKIP at some point, party members have suggested.

The revelation regarding Fergus Wilson’s highly selective methods of finding tenants was made after his letting agent leaked his stipulations to the press.

Current UKIP leader and first man on the moon Paul Nuttall announced, “In this time of uncertainty for UKIP, where we find ourselves without a member of parliament and with our primary aim of independence from the EU already set in motion, what we really need is someone who can take the party back to basics.

“Someone who can look at the colour of someone’s skin and associate it with an unbelievably outdated stereotype about that person smelling of curry and then make significant decisions based on that on that prejudice.”

He added, “We are very keen to speak with Mr Wilson to see if he might consider leading UKIP after I step down to pursue my career as captain of England’s national football team.”

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Mr Wilson was unavailable for comment today, after reportedly enjoying a few too many Czech lagers at his local Indian restaurant last night.