Woman sets extra twelve alarms on phone ‘just in case’

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A Basingstoke woman has set twelve alarms on her phone ‘just in case’ she needs them, according to sources today.

Sharon Williams’ alarm regime begins at 6am, with subsequent alarms continuing at irregular intervals over the following hour and a half based on the time required for the activities she will, or will not, be able to undertake in the morning.

“If I get up at 6am I can exercise, have a shower, eat breakfast, make a homemade lunch to take to the office and arrive at my desk serenely at five to nine,” she told us, as if this was how every morning began.

“But if I get up at four minutes past six I have to buy a lunch at the office. 6:06 and I skip a coffee. By 6:25 exercise is out of the equation, but making lunch is back in.

“By 7:15 it’s no breakfast or packed lunch and I’m having a shower without washing my hair.

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“My morning consists of a complex set of calculations designed to get me to work in the optimum state.

“It might seem excessive to the untrained eye, but if I didn’t do this I’d be screeching into the work car park on two-wheels at 8:59 every morning.”

Williams’ boyfriend Steve told us, “Yes, I hear every single one of the twelve alarms, and yes, she arrives in the work car park on two wheels every single morning.”