British Justice League to feature Bananaman, Supergran, Superted and Dangermouse

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Reclusive billionaire Mr Toad will team up with Supergran to recruit Britain’s greatest heroes in this summer’s blockbuster hit.

After Bananaman is believed killed in battle with sinister agents of the Banana Republic, Earth stands defenceless against malign alien forces – leading to a team being created for a desperate defence led by Toad, who lives in a secret high-tech hole in the Riverbank and drives a souped up expensive motor-car.

It is currently unknown who the villains will be, although trailer footage showing Metal Mickey biffing The Mekon in the face suggests a threat from Venus is the most likely.

Fans have been sharing a clip from the film which shows SuperTed asking Mr Toad what his superpower is, only for Toad to reply “I’m jolly rich, old chap. Poop! Poop!” before driving into a tree.

“It’s Earth’s mightiest heroes”, said comics fan Simon Williams, who told us he could barely wait.

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“Supergran. Superted. Dangermouse. Metal Mickey. Mister Toad. I can’t wait to find out what sort of threat will require that amount of power to defeat. I bet it’ll be the Daleks and the Mekon is just a bait and switch like they always do in the trailer.

“I hope Davros is in it. I’d love to see Supergran belt him with her handbag.

“There’s no way Bananaman will stay dead. They’ll bring him back by feeding him a special super banana sprinkled with magic dust by the Spotty Man or something, I bet you.”

Producers have denied that Timothy Claypole will appear in the film as “He’s a twat and everyone hates him.

“And Russell Brand said he was busy.”