Thanks for all the free publicity, says Daily Mail

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The owners of the Daily Mail are delighted by all the free publicity they’ve got from furious Internet users today.

By printing a headline designed to outrage the sensibilities of people who already don’t like them, the Daily Mail guaranteed they would appear on untold thousands of online posts – as well as lengthy articles on popular clickbait sites such as The Canary and AAV, who parade their moral credentials while following an identical business model.

Even popular and not-so-popular satirical websites got into the act, running several articles mocking the Mail for seeking attention with standout headlines as a mechanism to ensure their own content got as many clicks as possible.

“No publicity is bad publicity,” said editor Paul Dacre over a great big bowl of caviar brought from revenues derived from the additional traffic.

“And you all joined in, so cheers for that. We’ve had tens of thousands of angry people visit our site to leave critical comments in the threads, and they show up just the same as our supporters on the site’s traffic figures that we show our advertisers.

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“At the same time many other sites profited from the outrage we created by running their own articles – like seagulls following the fishing boat, we stir up the waters, and they eat the scraps.

“Yeah, I know they say that if you ignore us, we’ll go away – and that’s true. But you aren’t going to do that, are you? You can’t.

“We complete you.”

I think, therefore I am (not a Daily Mail reader) – get it here!