‘Hidden feature’ of new pound coin revealed to be that it’s now only worth 82p

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The Royal Mint has ended speculation about the ‘hidden feature’ of the new pound coin by revealing that it’s the fact that since the Brexit referendum it’s now only worth 82p.

In the run-up to the coin’s launch, social media had been buzzing with ideas as to what the promised ‘hidden feature’ could be – with guesses mostly aimed at an intricate anti-counterfeiting measure, but the simple truth has been revealed that it’s just not worth anywhere near as much as a pound used to be.

Royal Mint supervisor Simon Williams said, “We don’t usually talk about security features in the nation’s currency, but the truth is that in the end we didn’t bother putting any in this coin.

“Twelve months ago we started planning the replacement of the pound coin as so many people were making fake ones, but since the Brexit referendum, people just haven’t bothered counterfeiting it since it’s fallen to its lowest value since 1985.

“This new one’s probably worth more melted down and bartered for animal skins.”

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