Disappointment as Iron Fist turns out not to be sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey

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Viewers say that Iron Fist is not the sequel to Fifty Shades of Gray they’d been hoping for.

The hotly-hyped new series has lost thousands of viewers since its first episode, with many reporting that although it did feature a chiselled billionaire with ‘unusual tastes’ they felt the title mislead them about precisely what to expect.

Simone Williams, 37, a receptionist from Romford, told us that she had bought a bottle of Chardonnay and a selection box from Hotel Chocolat before settling down to what she expected to be a raunchy hour of forbidden love – only to find it was some superhero bollocks instead.

“I was okay with the bit about him getting trained in ‘exotic techniques’ in the Far East because you hear stories about that sort of thing and I’ve always had an interest in finding out more,” she told us.

“But it turned out that was just all about punching people and crap.

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“I thought things might liven up when Carrie-Ann Moss turned up as a strict, no-nonsense lawyer who clearly needs to explore her forbidden boundaries, but all she did was talk about some law stuff and nobody at all got a good, sensuous spanking which helped them explore their deepest feelings.

“It was almost as disappointing as when I made sure I’d have an evening to myself to learn more about a character called ‘The Punisher’ and all he ever did was shoot people.

“Tell you what, if I’m ever very bad that’s not the reaction I’d be looking for.”