Leak from ‘anonymous source’ details how Donald Trump defeated General Zod

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A two-page document detailing Donald Trump’s victorious battle to save Earth from Kryptonian warlord General Zod has been revealed by US TV network MSNBC.

The document, which was sent in the post by an ‘anonymous source’, outlines Trump’s epic battle between General Zod and his allies in Metropolis and the Fortress of Solitude.

The White House said that releasing details of President Trump’s “heroic battles to save the Earth from very bad dudes” was against the law.

Journalist Simon Williams, interviewed on MSNBC, said he had received the documents in the post along with a note.

“There is no signature or name on the note but it reads, ‘Very smart move by President Trump to use Lex Luther to trick Zod and his allies. GREAT JOB!'” He revealed.

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Suggestions that President Trump leaked the document himself have been strongly denied by the White House.

“The president is far too busy battling the deadite hordes that were unleashed when CNN recited passages from the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis,” said a spokesperson.