‘Thoroughly pleasant’ Brexiter discovered in the north of England

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News broke last night that a Brexit voter from Newcastle has been described as “thoroughly pleasant” by friends and a few work colleagues.

Mr Tony Franklin, a 37-year-old plasterer, is believed to be the first ‘Brexiter’ not to be described in derogatory terms by family and acquaintances since last June’s referendum.

One woman, a neighbour for the last seven years, who asked for her identity to be withheld, said last night, “Tony’s quite a pleasant bloke really. He always has a cheery smile on his face and would do anything for anybody.

“I know he voted Leave, but I’m pretty certain he’s not a racist as he often talks to the Pakistani bloke in the corner shop about football or the weather.”

Toby Dell, 32, who has worked with Mr Franklin for two years was also quite warm when describing his colleague, “Tony’s a pretty good fella on the whole. He’s a good worker who gets on with everyone and always stands his round down the pub.

“The only criticism I have of the lad is that he’s as thick as pitch. I’m pretty certain he’d believe anything if it was written on the side of a bus.”

This surprising news comes just two weeks after a 30-year-old Donald Trump supporter in Louisville, Kentucky, was described by a neighbour as a regular guy who “just wants to see the working stiff getting an even break” and “for there to be fewer Negroes in high places”.

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