Child refugees who can contribute to British economy ‘more than welcome’, says government

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The government’s stance on accepting child refugees appears to be softening with the news that they will be happy to accept children from war-torn regions if they can make a valuable contribution to the economy.

The move comes following the furore over plans to cut the number of child refugees entering Britain because they were worried it might affect their chance of securing the racist vote at the next election.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd explained to Parliament yesterday that she didn’t want a completely open door policy on child refugees as it would only give children in war-torn countries fancy ideas about not dying.

Since then Home Office spokesman Jeremy Bastard has clarified the Government’s position.

“Of course we will welcome child refugees who are able to make a contribution to society,” he said.

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“Computer programmers, surgeons, dentists, theoretical physicists, developers of quality light-entertainment shows – these are the sort of child refugees that Britain really would be happy to have join us.

“What we are trying to do here is discourage the sort of child refugees who don’t really have anything to offer and are just seeking to exploit our benefits system and NHS as a way to keep breathing in and out.”

Simon Williams works at the border control at Dover.

“Are we expecting a sudden influx of pre-pubescent veterinary surgeons now? No, not really,” he said.

“But we’ve got a team of dentists ready and waiting to check the lying little bastards’ teeth just in case.”