White House list of under-reported terrorist attacks includes Muslim boy who cheated on term paper

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The White House has issued a list of terrorist attacks that they claim were under-reported, including one tragic case of a Muslim boy cheating on an algebra test.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer had told reporters that many, many attacks by Muslim extremists had been covered up by the media, and included the case of Tariq Ibrahim as an example.

Ibrahim is a native of Connecticut, attending the Chuck Williams High School where he was recently found to have cheated in an algebra mid-term.

Spicer explained, “This horrific assault on our education system is another clear example of the disdain Islamist extremists have for our educational establishments.

“Not only was this attack designed to increase his grades, it also meant other American children suffered by comparison to his fake grades.

“Terrorism comes in all forms, including the fear of getting grades that are lower than the brown boy your Dad doesn’t like you talking to.”

President Trump tweeted about the incident, telling his followers: “Horrible Muslim attack on Chuck Williams High. We have to stop them – lots of people are saying it. Judges want more cheating. Sad!”

“Make America’s Grades Great Again!”