Labour welcome further chance to do f**k all about Brexit

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News that MPs will get the chance to vote on the final Brexit deal has been welcomed by Labour who plan to use the opportunity to continue doing f**k all about Britain leaving the EU.

Leader Jeremy Corbyn immediately responded warmly to the announcement

“This vote is a victory for democracy and for the people of this country,” he said.

“And rest assured we will use it to continue our long-standing policy of doing f**k all about Brexit.”

Labour have been committed to doing f**k all about Britain leaving the EU since the referendum was announced by David Cameron, whoever he is, some eighteen months ago.

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Immediately after the referendum announcement, Jeremy Corbyn swung into action by doing f**k all.

When campaigning started in earnest Labour remained constant in doing f**k all.

Not wishing to let the momentum drop, at the height of the campaign Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell did f**k all.

Finally, when the referendum result was announced, Jeremy Corbyn did his best to rally shellshocked remainers by doing f**k all.

Every day since, Labour has remained proudly committed to doing f**k all about Brexit and, with this new announcement, look set to continue doing f**k all until the country is completely isolated and vilified, and is ultimately reduced to being little more than a nice place for Donald Trump to park his helicopter.