Donald Trump signs executive order to bring back Milli Vanilli

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Donald Trump’s frantic start to his Presidency continues apace as he signed an executive order to bring back Milli Vanilli.

The order will compel Milli Vanilli to reform, record new material and tour America for at least three months.

“President Trump loves Milli Vanilli,” said close advisor Louis Cyphre as he ate a hard boiled egg.

“He plays ‘Girl you know it’s true’ before any public appearance, and does his little sexy Trump Milli Vanilli dance to get in the mood.

“He believes they are one of the great American musical groups of our time, and having them back and singing their unique laid-back brand of pop-funk could truly make America great again.”

A journalist who pointed out that Milli Vanilli were German and didn’t actually sing on their records was branded ‘fake news,’ removed from the room and severely beaten.

It is understood the group will reform in time to perform at President Trump’s birthday party which is expected to be attended by far more people than who will actually be there.

The Milli Vanilli executive order comes amid a flurry of others including an order to reopen the case of who shot J.R., to ban chocolate raisins and to reintroduce segregation across the country.