Fears grow that Iain Duncan Smith is looking for something else to do

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Fears are mounting across the UK that Iain Duncan Smith may be looking for something to do now that Brexit has been achieved.

“It’s a bit scary,” said a government minister who asked to remain anonymous.

“But with time on his hands, God knows what IDS might get up to – he might even have another shot at becoming the leader of the party?”

Single parent Brenda Williams who has been waiting for two months for her universal credit to be paid to her, said she was worried Duncan Smith might return to his ‘old game’ of helping people living in poverty.

“It doesn’t bear thinking about,” she said.

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“Suppose he gets another universal credit idea, where will I be then?”

But Ms Williams said she was optimistic IDS would be unsuccessful in his search for something to do.

“I mean, who would give him a job?'” she said.

“But my real fear is that he might turn up on Strictly,” she added.

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