Nanny-shagging gambling addict Jeremy Kyle shamed on Jeremy Kyle show

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Jeremy Kyle, a 51-year-old TV presenter, has been publicly shamed after appearing on an episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show. 

Presenter Jeremy Kyle said that Kyle was one of the most appalling hypocrites ever to appear on the show and that he would not be allowed back.

A studio audience booed and jeered Kyle from the start of the episode, entitled ‘You pretended we had a friendly separation, now you’re going out with our former nanny, you cheese-faced sack of faeces’.

Former wife Carla Germaine had called the show after finding out that her ex-husband was dating Vicky Burton, who had been their children’s’ nanny for nine years.

Kyle sat in the side room shouting as she told their story. When Kyle finally emerged, Kyle had to tell Steve from Security to restrain him.

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“What about our children? Why would he let it go public?” she said.

“I’ve got our three children to protect, and this was their nanny! He is completely lacking in moral boundaries and integrity!”

Kyle said she was absolutely right and challenged Kyle to give her the answers she deserved.

Kyle told her she was a f***ing b***h who could f**k right off and he didn’t give a f**k what she said because he was going to see the kids when he f***ing liked, then stormed off into the green room, followed by Kyle and the camera crew.

He was eventually coaxed back and sat through a lie detector test, which showed he had actually been sleeping with the nanny well before the couple separated, which he continued to deny as he was ushered to the car park.

“There are some people who even this show can’t help,” Kyle concluded.

“Don’t go away – after the break; we’ve another fascinating case entitled ‘I may not be able to spell schadenfreude but it’s still absolutely hilarious’.”

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