Daily Express reader accuses Russia of fixing the Strictly vote

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A Daily Express reader, who definitely has no problem at all with a black man winning Strictly Come Dancing, has raised the possibility that the vote could have been tainted by a Russian computer hack.

“I’ve got nothing against Ore, even though he’s one of them coloureds,” said Daily Express reader and toilet seat sniffer Simon Williams.

“But, what I think, right? If Russia can computer hack something as big as the US election then it would really easy for them to computer hack Strictly Come Dancing so that they could get the coloured to win and promote this political correctness thing that we should have got rid of after Brexit.

“I reckon we should get in the FBI and the CIA and the Justice League of America to investigate straight away.”

The BBC, however, were quick to quash any suggestion of corruption.

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“For heaven sake,” said a spokesperson.

“We’re the BBC, we don’t need Russian involvement to have a scandal surrounding fraudulent phone-ins.”

There has been no official comment from the Kremlin, however unofficial sources have rubbished the claims, saying that President Putin wanted Louise to win because when she did the tango it ‘made him feel funny.’