Fears remain after hundreds of delinquents battle for control in Houses of Parliament

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London remains in a state of shock after more than 600 troubled individuals were announced to have temporarily seized complete control of the Houses of Parliament in Westminster.

Authorities have managed to subdue the riot for now, which has been building since the EU referendum in June.

Central to the disruption is a selection of unelected Conservative cabinet ministers led by a woman often seen in dubious leather trousers.

Terrified Londoner Simon Williams told us, “No-one knows when it’s going to be safe to live in this country again.

“You could hear them shouting ‘take back control’ and ‘Brexit means Brexit’ all through the night.

“They’re running riot in there. I saw a bloke who I’m sure was the Foreign Secretary scrambling about on the roof waving the Union flag.

“Thankfully, none of them seem to be able to work out – or agree on – how to actually get out, despite all their whinging.”