Gap between rich and poor students winning university places almost wide enough, admit Tories

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With the gap between rich and poor students entering university at a record high, the government has welcomed the news by saying there is still a bit of work to be done.

The latest UCAS figures show students who receive free school meals are half as likely to be accepted at a university as their more affluent peers, the widest gap since records began.

Government officials explained that the job is far from complete, as a spokesperson explained, “Let us not be complacent. Young people from poor backgrounds are still making it into some of our Universities.

“Not many, and at an ever dwindling number, clearly, but some of them are still getting through.

“We are immensely proud of the difference we’ve made to limit the opportunities of working-class young people, but the world is still not yet advantageous enough for those of us who have a bit of money to our name.

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“What is the point of having money if it can’t buy you opportunities that could go to those more deserving?

“Scrapping maintenance grants entirely was a masterstroke, as can be seen with these latest figures, but more can be done. More will be done.”

Student Simon Williams told us, “I’m still hoping to go to University next year, just as long as my Dad gets promoted from the warehouse to an investment bank, or my mum wins the lottery.”