Well this is all going rather swimmingly, isn’t it, claims Putin

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Russian president Vladimir Putin has hailed the appointment of his ‘good friend’ Rex Tillerson as Donald Trump’s Secretary of State as ‘marvellous’, according to sources in the Kremlin.

Putin is said to be delighted at the progress Trump is making in creating an administration that will adhere to Russian priorities just one month after winning the presidential election.

A Kremlin source told us, “When you fix a foreign election, you expect a bit of a blowback for a while, but to hear Donald Trump criticising his own CIA because they found out what we did, that is just beautiful.

“But to have him appoint Vladimir’s personal choice of Secretary of State? We thought that was really pushing our luck, just to ask – but no. Donald has delivered for mother Russia, just like he will for many years to come.

Putin himself spoke highly of Tillerson, telling reporters “I’ve worked closely with Rex for many years, and when I gave him the Russian Medal of Friendship a couple of years ago I had hoped we could get him a good job in government – so mission accomplished.

Trump responded to criticism of the appointment by telling reporters, “Just because people are saying that Russia fixed the election for me, and that’s why I’m being nice to Russia and filling my cabinet with people who have strong ties to Russia and others who publicly support Russia, doesn’t mean I’m in Russia’s pocket.

“Don’t worry, I’ll announce the rest of my cabinet, just as soon as Vladimir approves them.”