Star Wars: A New Hope slammed for containing Rogue One spoilers

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George Lucas today stands accused of revealing major plot spoilers for Rogue One in his 1977 film Star Wars.

Fans of the franchise have studiously avoided any mention of the content of the film, and are outraged that Lucas chose to blab that the mission to steal the Death Star plans in the film is a ‘complete success’.

Key plot points including the success of the mission and its subsequent importance in  the defeat of the Empire have been circulating on the Internet since at least the early 1990s and were available in comic, book, VHS, cinema, video game and poster form well before that.

“Who does this George Lucas guy think he is?” angry Star Wars fan Simon Williams asked us.

“I like to go in completely cold, knowing as little of the story as possible to maximise my enjoyment, and he’s already revealed that the mission at the centre of the whole thing comes off.

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“I mean, spoiler alert, George. Could you not have kept that one secret for, like, forty years? Jeez, way to ruin it for everyone. Again.”