Facebooker targeted after mourning the passing of Greg Lake in a quiet and dignified manner

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A Birmingham man has been subjected to a wave of vicious online cyber bullying after he failed to loudly broadcast his anguish at the passing of rock legend, Greg Lake on his Facebook page.

Terence Dell, 61, told reporters last night, “I heard on the news that Greg had died and felt immense sadness at his passing.

“I grew up listening to King Crimson and Emmerson, Lake & Palmer, so it was particularly poignant for me to learn that Greg was no longer with us.

“I was going to mention it on Facebook, but I decided to sit quietly and listen to some of Greg’s music instead.

“A few hours later the abusive messages began appearing on my Facebook timeline. People were demanding to know why I hadn’t publically announced my grief on my page in an over-the-top manner.

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“I was sworn at, and even threatened, for not updating my status with facts about Greg that I’d looked up on Google.

“One lady, that I’d had on my friend’s list for years, told me she was going to send her husband round to beat me up if I didn’t change my avatar to one of Greg within the hour.

“Another friend said they were going to start a Facebook page where people could attack me online for showing what she thought was a ‘lack of respect’.

“I didn’t want to appear insensitive, so I copied and pasted a potted history of Greg on my status that I’d got from Wikipedia, detailing his early years with Crimson, accompanied by a picture of him taken in 1970 with Bob Fripp.

“Hopefully, the abuse will stop now, and I’ll be able to concentrate on some quiet reflection on the influence Greg had on progressive rock.”

This latest social media-related incident comes just a few months after a man from Leeds was attacked and beaten unconscious in the street by a mob of his Twitter followers, incensed that he hadn’t displayed enough online grief following the death of the little bloke that used to live inside R2-D2.

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