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Brexit could mean ban on using ‘EU’ as a pun for ‘you’

EU pun headlines

There is shock and disappointment amongst Newspaper headline writers as it was revealed that using EU as a play on the word ‘you’ would no longer be allowed under new Brexit legislation.

The EU/you pun has been a staple of newspaper headlines for many years, ever since legendary Sunday Times editor Sir Harold Evans wrote ‘EU lot are a right bunch of wallies’ as a headline to a 1974 opinion piece.

“Sadly, the EU/you pun is actually granted for use by British newspapers as part of our EU membership,” said Minister of wordplay, puns, and spoonerisms – Simon Williams.

“While newspapers are free to take advantage of the pun for the moment, when we do eventually leave the EU, the pun will no longer be available, and any attempts to use it could be met with fines and possibly even imprisonment.”

The news has resulted in anger and defiance, with the Sun’s headline today reading ‘EU lot must be mad if EU think EU are taking our EU puns.’

It is even causing some regret amongst those who voted to leave the EU.

“I am shocked, yes,” said Eleanor Gay, a supporter of Brexit.

“I voted to leave because I had concerns regarding worker exploitation surrounding the free movement of people, but if I’d known we were going to lose the EU/you pun, I might well have voted to stay in.”

It is currently unknown whether ‘Barmy Brussels Bureaucrats’ will face similar sanction.

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