Saudi Imams call for ‘Sharia-compatible’ alternative to Peppa Pig

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Saudi Imams have unveiled a ‘Sharia Compatible’ alternative to Peppa Pig, which ironically is Peppa Pig in a veil.

Renamed Pep al-Pig, the show will begin broadcast in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan in the spring and features a new burqa-clad character  who is less boisterous and naughty than Peppa, and is instead obedient and quiet as a daughter should be.

Most episodes of the new series will centre around Pep and Mummy  al-Pig sitting in dutiful silence whilst Daddy al-Pig lavishes attention and his inheritance on her brothers, although Robbie Rotten off Lazytown will make occasional guest appearances as he tries to radicalise Pep through videos on the Internet.

“The behaviour of the infidel Peppa Pig jumping in muddy puddles is a metaphor for her wallowing in the moral turpitude and degeneracy of the west, death to them all,” said Imam Shimonu al-Williams.

“In a country which was true to Sharia, were she to remove her Burqa and jump in a puddle in a public place she would be stoned by an angry mob for outraging public decency, as is right and proper.

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“There are no sacred cows. Or pigs for that matter.”

In the last episode Pep and her family go on holiday to the Cote d’Azur, where she is arrested by heavily armed French police.

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