30-day warranty expires on ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball caps

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The warranty on ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball caps has expired 30 days after the US election, meaning they are now falling to bits with startling rapidity.

The hats enjoyed a brief vogue in the United States last month, which resulted in them being cheaply mass produced and shipped from China in huge numbers.

However, as a month has now passed the warranty has run out and the hats are already looking worn, frayed and cheap, although it has been named headgear of the year by Time magazine.

Purchasers have reported the peak falling off the cap, the colours rapidly fading, and the whole thing being revealed as an attractively marketed piece of tat designed to last only until voting was over.

“Some of the letters done gone fell off of mah cap so now it just says ‘Make ‘Merica Eat Again’, our correspondent Simon-Bob Williams told us.

“Which sounds like plum humdiggity good advice to me. It’s what I sure live mah life for.

“Eee-lection? What are y’all still talkin’ about that for? It was weeks ago!”