Wednesday 7 December 2016 by Gary Stanton

Fat shamers target Christmas goose

Goose, fat shaming, Christmas

Goose, Simone Williams, has launched a scathing attack on social media body shamers who questioned whether it was a suitable choice to appear on a festive dinner plate.

Williams has been gorging on corn feed and Twix bars at a farmstead in Surrey prior to her execution in around two week’s time.

However, the 20lb bird was totally unprepared for the abuse it later received on Facebook and Twitter.

“So gross,” wrote Twitter user SueSamson1969, who is a little bit broken inside such that the only joy she experiences is at the misery she inflicts on others.

“I’d be surprised if it even fits in the oven!”

“Too fat for the Countryfile calendar,” wrote another.

Williams reacted angrily to the tweets and insisted there was enough meat on it to keep a family of five going well into the New Year.

“I say if I’m beautiful. I say if I’m strong. You do not get to determine my story,” she honked.

The goose later uploaded a picture of herself in a swimsuit, saying it was ‘proud to lead by example’.

Williams added, “Fuck all you haters.”

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