Londoners on National Living Wage urged to become parking spaces

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Following news that the average hourly cost of parking in London is greater than the National Living Wage, low-wage workers in the capital are being advised to quit their jobs to become parking spaces.

According to new research, the average hourly rate for parking in London is £8.44, which is almost £1 an hour more than the minimum wage even after it was increased to £7.50 in the chancellor’s Autumn Statement.

Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Damian Green reacted to the report by highlighting the strength of the parking industry.

“This is great news for Londoners who may not have too many qualifications, but wish to earn a very healthy wage,” he said.

“There are very few prerequisites for retraining as a parking space, creating a fantastic opportunity for almost anybody hoping to get into this flourishing industry.

“It really is indicative of our strong economy that is definitely working for everyone.”

Toilet cleaner Simon Williams was urged to apply for one such role by his careers advisor.

“He said I would earn even more money for doing even less, so for me, that’s a win-win situation,” Williams said.

“I came out of state education with next to no practical life skills, so being a piece of the ground that cars sit on is one of the few jobs I am qualified for.

“Apparently if I go to Kensington, I’ll get the most money, and I’ll mainly be lying around while rich people drive all over me, which is actually a pretty good representation of what’s happening to people like me in general anyway.

“Unfortunately though, I won’t be able to drive to work, because I can’t afford the parking.”