Outrage follows claims Last Tango in Paris used I Can’t Believe It’s not Butter

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The director of Last Tango in Paris has been accused of trivialising rape after using a cheap butter substitute.

In the infamous scene starring Marlon Brando, actor Maria Schneider was led to understand that real butter would be used as an effective lubricant.

But Director Bernardo Bertolucci wanted the star to experience real humiliation by using a less expensive alternative, high in polyunsaturates.

Bertolucci said, “I discussed it with Brando and we decided there was no way we were using unsalted Anchor for a pretend rape scene, not when there were healthier options on the table.

“We looked at a range of butter-type spreads such as Stork SB and Flora Lite.”

Brando added, “Personally, I would have chosen Benecol, had it been around at the time.

“It’s high in Omega 3 oils and is a valuable resource in the fight against cholesterol.

“I wouldn’t put anything else on my toast.

“Or my cock.”