Nigel Farage wins Turner Prize for his controversial work ‘Brexit Britain’

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The coveted and often contentious award has this year been awarded to the former UKIP leader for creating the messy, outlandish spectacle of a politically divided nation facing economic ruin.

Announcing the winner, head judge Simon Williams told press, “We choose Mr Farage’s contribution as it encapsulates everything we look for in modern art.

“Namely, it is something that only some of the population wanted, and no-one needed, but was created anyway and has since formed a hugely divisive talking point amongst art critics and the general public alike.”

He went on, “This is the pinnacle of his life’s work, but what is more remarkable about Mr Farage’s creation is that it’s ever present in the public sphere and ever changing, so the exhibition is likely to continue for the next few years, which is very exciting.”

Farage’s ‘Brexit Britain’ has been likened by art enthusiasts to former Turner Prize winner Tracey Emin’s famous ‘My Bed’ installation, but with this year’s winner being declared even messier, depressing and nonsensical than Emin’s offering.

Attempts to reach Mr Farage for comment have so far been unsuccessful, due to the lack of mobile reception in Donald Trump’s underground sex lair where the guffawing frog-faced imbecile and the now award-winning artist is believed to be spending a lot of his time.

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