Paul Nuttall confirms he got his PhD from Trump University

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UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has hit back at claims that he lied on his CV by confirming that he was awarded a university doctorate by Trump University, the now defunct organisation set up by Donald Trump.

“That PhD is as valid as any awarded by a UK University,” said Nuttall.

“More so in fact, because it cost me a bloody fortune. Although I will admit that the amount of studying required was minimal. It was more of a correspondence course, the main correspondence being me sending them a large cheque and them sending me the certificate.”

The UKIP leader has also been forced to deny claims that he lied about being a professional footballer with Tranmere Rovers.

“I never said I played for Tranmere Rovers,” says Nuttall.

“The team I played for was called Melchester Rovers; we won the cup in the mid-90s when we beat Weston Villa in the final with a couple of goals from me and my striking partner Roy Race.”

Critics have cited the inaccuracies on Nuttall’s CV as further proof that the UKIP leader and his party cannot be trusted.

“This is typical of the liberal metropolitan elite,” says Nuttall.

“Sitting around at their Islington dinner parties taking a pop at the working classes. If you don’t believe me about my PhD you can ask the President-elect of the United States. He’ll soon tell you I’m not lying.”

When asked if Paul Nuttall had been awarded a PhD by his university Donald Trump replied, “Who?”.