Britain First disappointed to discover lyrics in ‘White Christmas’ refer to snow

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Britain First have posted a furious tirade on social media after learning that the lyrics to White Christmas have nothing to do with white supremacy.

The news has sent shockwaves through the far right group, who for decades have held hands and sung the popular tune at their festive gatherings to celebrate their collective dream of an immigrant-free Christmas.

Britain First spokesmoron Simon Williams broke the news to his band of merry racists on social media, telling them, “Friends and fellow whites, I have some distressing news.

“It has come to our attention that our favourite song may be nothing more than a plea for snow on Christmas day.

“And not, as we had always believed, about the dream of waking up and finding our country free from immigrants and Mooslims.”

When asked about the misunderstanding, Williams pleaded, “In fairness to us, it’s an easy mistake to make.

“I assumed the bit about wanting our Christmases to be ‘just like the ones we used to know’ was referring to the good old days of Britain in the 1930s.

“Although I did wonder why the sudden departure of immigrants would suddenly make the treetops glisten and children listen out for sleigh bells.”

He added, “Also, after a bit of googling, it seems we were wrong to assert on our Facebook page that Irving Berlin was a pseudonym used by Adolf Hitler.

The group are now questioning whether another favourite of theirs, Black or White from the famously white artist Michael Jackson, is actually about a draughts player choosing which counters to use.