Eric Bristow becomes first man to make Piers Morgan seem palatable

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Eric Bristow has achieved an incredible world first, in making Piers Morgan seem acceptable.

Bristow appeared on Good Morning Britain where he was interrogated by Piers about his distasteful tweets about abuse victims.

Piers ripped into the former darts player like Bristow rips into P45’s and won praise from viewers.

One shocked viewer, Simon Williams, said, “It was crazy. I like a bit of change, but I always preferred when Piers was a bit of a prick.

“Maybe the producers could replace Piers with Eric to bring back someone we can hate, day in, day out on TV?”

TV producer Jeremy Walden-Smythe told us, “In the past few days, Bristow has gone from pantomime villain to horrible old sod, which will work wonders for him.

“Vile is what’s in these days. We’re lining Eric up for a show with Katie Hopkins and Nigel Farage in which they travel across the country and say it EXACTLY how it is.

“We’re going to make them spend a full episode in a homeless shelter, shaming and disgracing everyone in there.

“Just think of the bloody viewing figures!”