Border Collies really, really love KISS

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The Black-and-white colouring of Border Collies is to display their love of KISS, vets have confirmed.

The breed, who are best known as intelligent and happy sheep-herding dogs and pets, enjoy a secret double life as fans of the world’s biggest rock band and often spend their spare time following the group on tour.

Media stories of lost Collies miraculously finding their way home were found to spike when KISS were on on the road, leading experts to suspect the canny hounds were engaging in a complex deception to cover up their regular disappearances.

The dogs are believed to have adopted their distinctive two-tone look after hearing KISS on Radio 1 during breaks in filming One Man and His Dog forty years ago, and they have aged really badly ever since.

“Before KISS broke through back in the seventies, Border Collies were a light gingery colour”, presenter Simon Williams told us.

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“And then they released Rock and Roll all Nite in 1975 and Boom! Everywhere you looked sheepdogs were black and white. Shepherds started having to whistle Detroit Rock City just to get them to move the sheep into an enclosure.

“And then Kiss Alive II came out and Border Collies everywhere just went mental. That black and white makeup has never come off once since then.”

The discovery helps explain the long-running antipathy between Collies and Afghan Hounds, who prefer Led Zepellin.