Brexit now to be known as ‘Bruckup’

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Brexit will now be known as a Bruckup, or to give it its full official title; ‘a complete and utter bruckup’.

Following the Chancellor’s statement in which he estimated the total cost of the bruckup would be in the region of £60 billion, the word ‘brexit’ was no longer seen as descriptive enough.

“I think that originally brexit was simply an amalgamation of ‘Britain’ and ‘Exit’,” said Simon Williams, Professor of contractions at the Oxford English dictionary.

“It also then worked nicely as a contraction of ‘Britain,’ ‘Exit,’ and ‘Oh Shit,’ as people realised about a third of the country had actually voted for it.”

However, it has recently become clear that Brexit isn’t a big enough word.

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“No, as the implications of leaving the EU have become clear, it’s seemed obvious that we need a contraction of ‘Britain,’ ‘Exit,’ and ‘Oh Christ, what a complete and utter f**k up.”

Initially, Brexup was seen as the best choice.

“Not quite expressive enough,” said Professor Williams.

“So, the ‘exit’ part of the contraction was abandoned in favour of the far more expressive and descriptive ‘complete and utter bruckup’.

“Of course you will get those who claim that Brexit isn’t an absolute Bruckup,” continued Professor Williams.

“But frankly, they can all Bruckoff.”

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